Tijuana, Mexico: House building for the Sarabia-Diaz family. Their new home is next door to their parents and grandparents homes where the family raises their own goats, rabbits, and chickens. Pablo works at one of the factories in town and Luz works at a local grocery store. Pablo and Luz are expecting their first child in December and they are grateful that they will now have a safe home, close to their parents, so they can all be together when the baby comes.

The house building team, thanks to Amor.org, consisted of folks of all ages from Henderson, Nevada; Southern California; and Northern California. The Northern California crew, representing LifeSupportM.org, was Jeff, Leona, and Daniel Estrada (Leona’s work colleague at Dominican University of California).

Thanks to our generous LifeSupportM.org donors, and the Dominican University of California’s Kathryn McGovern Community Service Award,  for helping us raise the funds for the mission – especially since it gave us the ability to welcome Daniel to the Life Support Crew! And, thank you to all the administrative staff, Mexico pastors, camp staff, field staff, and fellow team members that make these missions possible.

p.s. The week before we built for the Sarabia-Diaz family, Jeff built a double wide home for a family just down the street. So many blessings for making good things happen in the world!


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