Life Support’s Community For Youth (COMFY) Project empowers young people to develop self-confidence, earn community service credits for school, and to learn and hone valuable life skills through caring for a real garden in their local community.  It also offers an opportunity for mentors to share their life experiences and model a responsible work ethic as they tend the garden together.  In addition to community service credits we offer free life coaching to young people between the ages of 18-30 help them take inventory of their lives and how to make sound, achievable plans for their future.

Adam and Bailey re-building the planting beds in the garden.

Adam & Bailey building new planting beds in the garden.

Trina & Leona watering the tomatoes

Trina & Leona watering tomatoes.

Makenna & Grandpa Bob working together to mix topsoil for the planting beds.

Grandpa Bob & Makenna working together to mix topsoil.











The COMFY Garden Project is located in a private garden in Novato, California. Garden activities include learning how to compost, planting vegetables and flowers, doing art and journal projects, exploring, preparing and sharing meals together, learning how to listen and speak effectively, how to set achievable goals, how to make and follow task lists, and how to create good relationships – with one another, healthy foods, ourselves, and nature’s bounty.  And, for further life skill development we have a high school and college age business internship program. In our Novato corporate office, young people learn the running of a non-profit business from the inside out. From word processing to websites, including finances, grant writing, fundraising, time management, team building, leadership, and more, our interns learn valuable business and life skills to help them grow into their adult lives.

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