Email us to coordinate donations of supplies (diapers, clothing, furniture)
Donate funds at our secure donation page. is collecting donations to help two families in Merced County who have suffered severe losses in recent house fires. There are babies in need of diapers and clothing. There are mothers and fathers in need of household supplies and furniture. Anything you can spare in the way of funds and supplies would be greatly appreciated.

On December 2nd, in Merced County there were two house fires that had sad outcomes. Fire one was at a home of a family of five. The mom and one of the kids made it out and the dad went back into the home to try to save the other two kids. Unfortunately the dad and the two kids died in the fire leaving the mom and a 13 month old without a home or a family and they are in the burn center. Fire number two was at a home that was a complete loss. The family did get out ok but they did lose everything. If that is not bad enough they are expecting their first child, a girl, TODAY. These families need everything from clothes to furniture and more. Thank you in advance for your help.

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