Mexico Housebuilding 2009The Mexico Mission house-building project empowers teens, families, and adult and college age mentors to build a home for a family in the Tijuana/Tecate area of Mexico. Our team lays the concrete, builds the walls, raises the roof, and applies the stucco to build this 11′ x 22′ two-room home. As we see the home taking shape, hope also takes shape in our hearts as we realize we CAN make a difference.

When we are not at the worksite, we rest, share meals, and live together in aMexico 2006 campground setting, taking bucket showers with 2 gallons of water per person per day. Each day we commute in rented vans to our family’s worksite to build their home from the ground up, using only our hands and hand tools – no power tools are used at all. Each evening we return to our camp and share the day’s experiences with one another around our campfire – building relationships with one another just as we are building a home and relationships with our family in Mexico.

Mexico 2008 - Zach's TeamThe Mexico Mission house-building endeavor creates opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and it helps create consciousness of the conditions of poverty through immersion.  In a world with many problems the Mexico Mission is a life changing experience, not only in the living standards of our family in Mexico, but also in the spiritual, living, and emotional lives of the participating young people and their adult mentors.

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