About collaboration:
Life Support is a non-faith based charitable non-profit organization that recognizes the value of collaborating and partnering with the many exciting and creative organizations doing good work in the world. Some of our partner organizations may be religious in nature, but we are mindful to carefully select those who will empower us to do independent work and build independent relationships. These organizations do not require belief or conversion, of our group or those benefitting from our service, even if the partnering organizations is evangelical in nature.

About abundance:
We at Life Support believe that all outcomes are good and that there is abundance in the world for all to share in an emotionally, spiritually, and financially fulfilling way.

About project creation:
We strive to create activities that promote cross pollination of age, cultures, genders, schools, religions, and socio-economic statuses.

About self-awareness & self-discipline:
Life Support believes that self-discipline and operational readiness make for more meaningful, enjoyable, and successful projects. Operational readiness and excellence on an individual and organizational level mean having clear plans, fair guidelines, clean and ready supplies, good safety gear , and a positive can-do attitude. Self-discipline means that we call upon ourselves and our team members to step out of our own egos and materialism to recognize that we can delay and prioritize self-gratification, take responsibility for our own actions, and share our good fortune with others to create more enlightenment, empowerment, and joy in the world.

About listening:
We at Life Support believe that patient, compassionate listening to one another creates understanding, appreciation, and empathy. This in turn helps us to empower one another to be able to operate our lives more enthusiastically, flexibly, and powerfully.

About empowerment and support:
Life Support develops youth and adult leaders and team members by fostering both individual and team work efforts toward each of the various goals we set for each project. We believe that no one should have to work completely alone or do everything by themselves, unsupported. We believe in creating easy to use systems and plans that give general structure, guidelines, but also leeway for creative solution finding and pride of ownership of each project and task.

About mistakes and missteps:
Life Support believes that in order to be the best people we can be, we must be able to try new things and sometimes fail, trip up, and fall down. Then, learning from those experiences, we recognize and admit our mistakes, pick ourselves up and move on with new knowledge and abilities.

About appreciation and thankfulness:
Life Support believes that recognizing and acknowledging service, donations, generosity, thoughtfulness, and expertise is crucial to building and maintaining good relationships. We promote written, verbal, electronic, and in person thank you notes, phone calls, emails, gatherings, and other types of communication for all the people involved in our programs and activities.

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