Here are qualities we look for and help develop:

* Integrity and Honesty
* Responsibility and Trustworthiness.
* Cooperation and Helpfulness.
* Willingness, Ability, and Positive attitude for fundraising.
* Ability to take direction and follow safety rules at all times.
* Compassion for fellow team members and people we serve.
* Confidence to reflect and speak about experiences.
* Being operationally ready and prepared with all the right gear and personal supplies.
* Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Patience, and Perseverance.

Projects at Life Support are not a party boat. If you are looking for a “Fun” time, a place to blow off steam, or a self-directed adventure to get away from your parents and play with your friends – this is not it.

At Life Support you will work hard!  You will be dirty, hungry, tired, and bossed around. You will work physically, emotionally, and spiritually harder than you ever have. You will be required to wear safety gear. You will get up early and have a camp and bedtime curfew. You’ll have to figure out how to relate to and get along with people you barely know. You will be required to fundraise your portion of the mission expenses. You will experience hurrying up and then having to wait. You will be included in reflection and discussion around the campfire to process and share what you are experiencing each day and evening. Did we mention you will be dirty, hungry, tired, and bossed around?

We cannot guarantee a perfect experience where everything is wonderful and there are no mistakes or angst. Our projects are designed to take you out of your comfort zone and give you a real slice of life. Our projects are designed to give you the OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS AND YOUR ONE BIG HEART. Your life and outlook will be changed by this work. You’ll come away with a new sense of appreciation for your life and ALL life because of this work. At Life Support we put the work and safety first. Then it all adds up to an amazing time that includes friendship, lots of fun and laughter, and a deep satisfaction that you have made good things happen in the world. Did we mention that you will be dirty, hungry, tired, and bossed around? If you are not ready for this – then take a rest this time and we’ll catch you next year. If you are ready, we want you on the Life Support team!

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